Distinct backend Filters for users

Simple way of showing different backend filters for different users:


class YourFormFilter extends BaseYourFormFilter {
public function setup() {
// ...

$context = sfContext::getInstance(); /* @var $context sfContext */
$request = $context->getRequest(); /* @var $request sfWebRequest */
$user = $context->getUser(); /* @var $user sfBasicSecurityUser */

if ($user->hasCredential('credential_to_check')) {
$this->setWidget('your_field', new sfWidgetFormFilterInput());
$this->setValidator('your_field', new sfValidatorPass(array('required' => false)));
$this->widgetSchema->moveField('your_field', sfWidgetFormSchema::AFTER, 'other_field'); // this is good to re-arrange the filters order

// ...

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