Using CKEditor and CKFinder

  1. Download the sfCKEditorPlugin plugin
  2. Go to and download the last version.
  3. Put the ckeditor folder to the webjs folder.
  4. Go to and download the last version.
  5. Put the ckfinder folder to the webjs folder.
  6. Add sfCKEditorPlugin to the ProjectConfiguration.class.php
  7. Open app.yml (apps/frontend or backend/config..) and put:
      # sfCKEditorPlugin
        basePath: /js/ckeditor
        active: true
        basePath: /js/ckfinder
  8. Create config/autoload.yml:
        name:       ckeditor
        path:       %sf_web_dir%/js/ckeditor
        recursive:  on
        name:       ckfinder
        path:       %sf_web_dir%/js/ckfinder
        recursive:  on
  9. Add js files to the view.yml in this way:
    javascripts: [ckeditor/ckeditor.js, ckfinder/ckfinder.js]
  10. Edit /js/ckfinder/config.php… find CheckAuthentication() method and modify it toreturn true; however read the comments, it can be dangerous!
  11. Change the $baseUrl to /uploads/ckfinder/ in ckfinder’s config.php
  12. Type symfony cc to clear the cache.
  13. Use the following syntax to call CKEditor:
    $this->widgetSchema[‘my_editor’] = new sfWidgetFormCKEditor();


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